Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am currently off-term, but I have 3 T.A. jobs and am sitting in on Richard Houston's Composition and Drawing to refresh and practice my figure drawing. I have been sketching A LOT lately, in my sketchbook, on found paper, anywhere. I am also starting to work on a few projects. Just need to maintain productivity and both a consistent and constant work ethic.

(ED for editions-9/27)
I've been obsessed with sketching with colored pencils lately.

Whenever I'm sitting while T.A-ing I just draw pages of the models and students. (and oh yeah, and the lion chillin in the corner of the classroom. Palm trees have always reminded me of them.)

I'm currently working on a some side projects, sketching is fun but it's not satisfying to look back on when color is lacking. I've got an idea for a series going that I am excited to execute. Hopefully I will actually pull through and make my ideas into something tangible.

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